Slocum Campsite

Slocum is one of our larger sites and has a number of terrific features. The topography of the site is a shallow-rise hill, with the lower half on a relatively flat area near the COPE Road. The deeper you go into the site the higher the terrain rises, although not enough to make you huff and puff going from top to bottom. The platforms are arranged so that the site can easily be divided into upper and lower groupings, while the Adirondack-style shelter offers some additional protection from the elements. Platforms in the lower half of the site all face in towards the open center, while platforms in the wooded upper section form a ring and face downhill towards the center.

Site capacity: For larger sized units or two or three smaller units
Special Features: Grassy center with nicely shaded woods on edge, wooded upper section
Latrine type: Classic-style pit latrine

Site Specifics

Slocum in the Summer features:

  • 23 or 24 2-man platforms with tents
  • 2 metal framed cots with mattresses in each tent.
  • Program tarp & Dining Fly
  • 2 Picnic Tables
  • Adirondack shelter sits on divide between the two sections
  • Large, open lower center area yielding a good amount of sunshine during the day and a shady section on the top.
  • Has it's own latrine and washstand.

Fall, Winter, and Spring features:

  • Platforms remain in place and may be used with your own tents.
  • Water generally at site from mid-May to late September.
  • Usually accessible during the winter

Location of Campsite in Camp

Location of Slocum Campsite in camp.

Campsite Layout

Campsite Layout

Site Gallery

Site Access

Site is halfway down the COPE road and can be easily accessed by 4WD SUVs and light trucks. There is room enough for one or two vehicles to be left at the site in the off-season. A trailer can be towed to the site and left in the entrance driveway to the site with little or no trouble. Site is a 7-minute walk to the Dining Hall.

Other Points of Interest

  • Located near the Capouse and Delaware campsites
  • The Nature Lodge is the closest building to the site
  • Has pathways that lead to Iroquois
  • Halfway between the Youth Showers and COPE


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